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Polar4 are actually the songs and songwriting of Steve Davies and Steve Hutchinson but, between 2011 and 2013, became a songwriting triumvirate with Peter White having joined them!
(see Peter White joins POLAR4) 

Semi-finalists in the prestigious BRITS UK Songwriting Contest for 3 years running, Steve and Steve have been writing together for over 40 years and this website is dedicated to giving visitors a taste of their often moving - always powerful - songs.
They have a unique understanding of each other's respective contributions to the songwriting process - and this understanding makes for a creative bond which sparks whenever you place them with a piano in the same room! 
Their voices blend extraordinarily to produce harmonies resonant of 1960s and 1970s whilst combining in unison equally well to provide poignance and power.
With Pete part of the team, the harmonies and compositions took on an extra dimension that the 2 Steves think enhanced the end results!
Since 2014, Steve and Steve have written a number of songs, some of which will be part of their forthcoming debut album 'Your Way Home'!
So.....come on in and listen to their truly refreshing sound...the sound of polar4  


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